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Artist Spotlight
Molly Cusick


If you've been in the gallery, you've seen the stunning photography of Molly Cusick. Her pieces capture the splendor of nature from unconventional vantage points. Printed on metal, they take on a similar brilliance and depth to what we see in real life, possibly even more. 

For the past few years Molly has been working on her project The Tree Pilgrimage, a photographic journey that has grown into one of "connection and awakening". Her work started with the California Redwoods and has taken her all the way to New Zealand.

"I followed a calling from deep within my heart to be with and photograph the amazing Trees around the world while I still had the chance.

Particular Trees started to send me images of themselves in my dreams or as I awoke from dreamtime and I would then go, like on a treasure hunt, to find them!"

Now you can be a part of her tree pilgrimage and maybe even start one of your own. Molly has partnered with the Patreon platform, offering a subscription that takes you closer within her adventure and guides you through yours with meditations and tree imagery. 

You can listen to her story here:


This is a 15 minute recording in her own voice that is fascinating.


Then take a look at what she if offering - becoming a member of the "Tree Tribe" with your very own tree immersion:


And, if you haven't already, don't forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook. 


Artist's Spotlight
P. T. Bridgeport

Our beloved former gallery partner has released a book of his own and we couldn't be more excited. Copies are available in the gallery, $15, with a good portion of the proceeds going to local radio station WRUU.  

"P. T. Bridgeport photographs things. He researches things, too. Sometimes he thinks about things. This book contains all of that, in one proportion or another. In 2017, Bridgeport joined Savannah’s community radio station, WRUU 107.5 FM. As the host of the program “When the Moon Sings,” he plays evocative music that requires quiet listening. He also interviews artists and musicians and offers colorful commentary on life, learning, and all matter of things in the Hostess City of the South and beyond. Full of wit, humor, and insights about the inanity of life and the human condition, “The Moon and I Confer” is a collection of Bridgeport’s weekly soapboxes that — like his show — provide pause in the modern world."

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