Gary Covell 


I started out as a small child drawing what I saw around me in everyday life. When I began to read I liked action, adventure, war, and science fiction stories. I am mostly self-taught. Relatives gave me large rolls of paper on which I drew out stories. I was hospitalized with a weak lung during this time. A kind Doctor drew my portrait and that experience motivated me to later draw portraits. After a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy I settled in Savannah with its rich artistic history. I draw what I see, for example, portraits, landscapes, man-made landmarks, still life’s and nature mostly with pastel, graphite, or watercolor. I’ve been experimenting with acrylic abstract painting recently and I try to convey a story of balance or sometimes imbalance, with color, composition, mediums, and tools. My abstracts relate to my previous work in that I first develop an idea in my mind’s eye and begin a process of drawing a rough outline then adding paint to the ideas. Sometimes I don’t even have an idea as I start an abstract. I just let the paint tell its own story. I let it flow and swirl from the container, brush or tool and in no particular form or direction. I throw, pull, scrape, and push the colors until the painting takes on a balance or an imbalance of its own.