Grace Roland

I am fascinated with the beauty, perfection and imperfections found in nature. My aim is to express my thoughts and impressions about people, places and everyday things. I love texture, mixing media and creating my own techniques because it allows me the freedom to express what I see. ..not as a photograph but rather as a personal interpretation of the subject." As a child, Grace's favorite toys were her paints and crayon basket. Her first "official" art lesson was at the age of 10 and has been part of her life in one way or another ever since. Grace holds a BFA, MEd. and Ed.D from the University of Utah and degrees from both the Academia delle Belle Arti and the Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy. She has had the good fortune to live, travel, work and study in the USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and believes those experience have greatly enriched her life and influenced her art perspectives.